Bobi Wine Leads Incumbent Gen. Museveni 74% to 16.2% In Early Returns Opposition App Shows

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine. Photo: Facebook. 

Front-running challenger Bobi Wine is leading Uganda’s dictator of 35 years Gen. Yoweri Museveni 74% to 16.2% with results in from 398 out of 34,714 polling stations, according to the App created by the National Unity Platform (NUP). 

The app, called Uvote, lets users upload information from polling stations which are then transmitted to a tallying center manned by NUP supporters. So far the information posted come from 398 out of 34,714 polling stations. 


The NUP tallying center has been slow in getting all the information because the Ugandan regime imposed an internet and social media shutdown across the country on Tuesday. This has also slowed down the ability for opposition poll watchers to transmit images of the official declaration forms. The information is being transmitted through the few institutions that can still access the internet in Uganda, and via messaging services. 

Here’s a sampling of the breakdown of the data sent to the NUP tallying center from polling centers around Uganda.

In Kampala: 

Robert Kyagulanyi: 75% 

Yoweri Museveni: 19% 

In Kabale: 

Robert Kyagulanyi: 68&

Yoweri Museveni: 19%

In Gulu: 

Robert Kyagulanyi: 69.7%

Yoweri Museveni: 8.99%


In Iganga: 

Robert Kyagulanyi: 81%

Yoweri Museveni: 12%

In Jinja: 

Robert Kyagulanyi: 65.2%

Yoweri Museveni: 26.25

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