Bobi Wine And Arua33: Why ICC Must Indict Museveni


Yasin Kawuma, Bobi Wine’s driver, shot dead while sitting in a car by Museveni’s Special Forces Command commandos.

Uganda’s Life-President Gen. Yoweri Museveni has committed numerous crimes since he seized power 32 years ago and some of these crimes individually qualifies him for indictment and prosecution by the International Criminal Court (ICC), including the most recent one –the attack on and torture of Member of Parliament Bobi Wine and other politicians and ordinary citizens; the crimes against humanity in the concentration camps he established in the northern part of Uganda from 1986 -2006; the 2016 massacres in Kassese; and the war crimes in Southern Sudan and the Congo.

According to an article on June 8, 2006, in The Wall Street Journal, the ICC had launched an investigation into war crimes in the Democratic Republic of Congo by the Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) whose commander-in-chief is Gen. Museveni. The Wall Street Journal reported that Museveni asked then U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan to block the criminal investigation. Annan told Museveni he didn’t have the powers to do so.

Remember the International Court of Justice (ICJ) which is also at the Hague but is a separate court from the ICC, had already ruled in Congo’s favor and ordered $10 billion in reparations.

Using the same set of facts the ICC would have indicted Museveni for the UPDF crimes in Congo whose interrelated wars as a result of the multiple UPDF invasions caused more than SIX MILLION deaths.

So, who blocked the investigation? Was it the United States, who is Gen. Museveni’s primary Western sponsor?

Had the ICC done the right thing in 2005 and indicted Museveni after the ICJ ruled in favor of Congo and awarded $10 billion, Museveni might have constrained his militarism and may not have:

1. Committed the Buganda massacre of 2009 when he blocked His Highness the Kabaka Mutebi from visiting Kayunga.

2. Invaded South Sudan in December 2013, used cluster bombs and launched civil war between President Salva Kiir and Vice President Riek Machar.

3. Recruited the “Crime Preventers” militia and committed atrocities before, during and after the 2016 election with multiple attacks on opposition leader Dr. Kizza Besigye (who won the 2016 election) and his supporters.

4. Committed the Kasese Massacre in November 2016 then later promoted Peter Elwelu, the general who commanded the attack on the unarmed civilians –and boasting about it in an Al Jazeera interview.

5. Launched a brutal Special Forces raid on Parliament in September 2017 to shut down a filibuster of a constitutional amendment entrenching him in power for life. During the raid, operatives crippled Member of Parliament Betty Nambooze, who remains wheelchair bound to this day.

6. Committed the August 13 atrocities against Bobi Wine, Francis Zaake, Kasiano Wadri, Paul Mwiru, Gerald Karuhanga, Michael Mabikke and more than 33 other civilians.

Yasin Kawuma, Bobi Wine’s driver, was shot dead. One of the women arrested and tortured, when brought before a judge on the concocted treason charges, was bleeding from her private parts inside the court room.

All these atrocities, which must qualify Museveni for indictment, would not have occurred had the ICC done the right thing in 2005.

The reputation of the ICC which has already been at a very low point and continues to erode.

Will the ICC finally do the right thing and indictment Museveni for his multiple crimes?

Or, will the court remain silent when confronted with glaring evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity, thereby condemning Ugandans to be victims of more atrocities at the hands of Museveni’s armed forces?

Note: Ugandans, including lawyers, human rights investigators, activists and victims of atrocities send evidence/documentation directly to the ICC under the subject matter “Why Museveni Must Be Indicted.”

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