Black Texas Student Suspended Over His Locs Hairstyle

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

A Texas school suspended a Black student for his locs hairstyle — an expression of his culture that has family members’ hair woven into it. 

Darryl George, a 17-year-old junior at Barbers Hill High School in a suburb of Houston, was first suspended for his traditional locs hairstyle on August 31 — the same week that the state’s Crown Act went into effect, a new law prohibiting race-based hair discrimination in schools and workplaces.

The district’s dress code policy bars male students from having hair that extends past their eyebrows or earlobes, even if it is pulled back.

George has been stuck in in-school suspension (ISS) ever since for refusing to cut off his locs. After completing a two-week suspension last week, George returned to school on Monday with his twisted locs tied on top of his head, but not cut off. He was given another round of suspension, a civil rights activist helping his family, Dr. Candice Matthews, told Insider.


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