Black Star News Asks Readers: How Do We Address America’s Gun Violence Crisis?

killing of 19 children and two teachers, at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

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The Black Star News is reaching out to our readers for their answers, and comments, to this currently crucial question: what are we to do to stop the epidemic of deadly mass shootings that have turned America’s streets and schools into lethal killing fields?

We are asking readers for their input regarding what needs to be done to address the ongoing gun violence crisis in America. How do we as a people stop these killings?

Over the last two weeks, the nation has been rocked by several mass shootings including: a racist attack on Black shoppers which took the lives of 10 people, at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York; the killing of 19 children and two teachers, at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas; and the killing of four people Wednesday at Saint Francis Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Clearly, America has a gun violence problem that far exceeds anything seen anywhere in any other country in the world.

There are approximately 100 million more guns than people floating around in America. The easy accessibility of guns, and the weakening of gun laws, are problematic issues. But talks to remedy the situation remain at an impasse inside the ultra-partisan U.S. Congress.

It is now obvious that “We the People” must step up and force our leaders into action if gun violence is to be arrested in America.

But what do readers think are the real problems here? Is it the easy accessibility of guns coupled with our many social problems? Or, is it something else that we’re missing or not discussing?

One of the excuses Republicans use for doing nothing on gun safety is the claim that mental health is usually present in those who perpetrate these mass shootings. However, that allegation has been debunked by mental health experts, who point out that those suffering from mental health are most often the victims of violence and not the perpetrators.

Republicans are now (this isn’t a new political tactic) accusing Democrats of trying to “take our guns away.” But is that really true? Or, is it just a convenient excuse being used to do nothing regarding regulating guns which allows gun sales to continue regardless of the human cost–even if it means the slaughter of children?

However, should Democrats be given a pass on this issue? Are Democrats approaching this topic correctly? Or, are Democrats also failing the American people by not dealing with this problem properly?

Do readers believe that guns should be appropriately regulated, as is done in many others things that are far less lethal to our lives? Why can an 18-year-old be able to legally buy an assault rifle but not beer or alcohol? Or, would regulating guns be an egregious infringement of the Second Amendment?

Would banning military assault weapons, requiring background checks, instituting substantive waiting periods, implementing and strengthening red flag laws, raising the age to buy weapons to 21, really be a violation on so-called Second Amendment rights, as many Republican lawmakers claim?

Are Congressional Republicans right when they say gun safety legislation will do nothing to stop these mass shootings? Are they really being honest here? Or, is this just a rationale that allows Republicans to protect the NRA corporate gun lobby interests?

Republicans say that one answer to the gun violence problem is to have “good guys with guns” to stop the bad ones. According to them, we just need to sell more guns to the public at large and that will eventually fix the gun violence problem. Of course, the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde seem to contradict them.

In Buffalo, one of those who was killed was Aaron Salter Jr., a former police officer, who fired on white supremacist teen gunman Payton Gendron. Moreover, in the Uvalde tragedy there were reportedly around 19 “good guys” who weren’t able to stop the one bad guy mass murderer Salvador Ramos.

Another idea Republicans are now pushing is the “hardening” of schools by requesting more armed “resource officers” and police in schools. This “hardening” includes a disturbing push to arm teachers.

There are many things to consider here.

First, what are Republicans really proposing? Are they saying it should be mandated that teachers be armed? And if teachers refuse would they then be subjected to disciplinary action and perhaps termination? Also, if trained police officers failed to protect school children, as occurred in Uvalde, do we expect teachers to be able to teach students and still act as armed enforcers?

What are the answers to all these serious questions on gun violence in America? We would like to know what you, the reading public, think. Therefore, we are asking you to submit your comments and responses–with pictures–for publication on this tragic topic of gun violence in America.

Editor’s Note: We are reguesting input from our readers on anything articulated in this editorial–or anything they feel that is germane to the topic of gun violence and the scourge of mass shootings in America. Readers should submit their responses (with pictures) to [email protected] and [email protected]. Thank you!

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