Black Star Boxing Writer Predicts Canelo Victory over 3G –Possible KO

2017-09-12 10

Canelo and Gennady looking like gentlemen–only until Saturday.

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To get to the facts of this fight story you must go back to the beginning. This story began many years ago and over 8, 000 miles apart.

Gennady “3G” Golovkin, 37-0, 33 knockouts, and current W.B.A., W.B.C., I.B.F., & I.B.O. World Middleweight Champion will fight Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez, 49-1-1, 34 k.o.’s, and also Lineal & Ring Magazine Middleweight Champion for pound-for-pound middleweight supremacy.

This epic fistic war will take place on Mexican Independence Day Weekend, Saturday, September 16, 2017 at the T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada.

This long-awaited fight after many disagreements will finally give us the answer as to who is the best middleweight of the boxing world.

Golovkin, 35 years of age from Karaganda, Kazakstan and Canelo Alvarez still only 28, born in Guadalajara, Mexico were in actuality on a collision course to meet due to their similar upbringing. Both started a boxing career at an early age, and have fought at the same weight level successfully.

3G Golovkin is undefeated. He boasted 23 straight knockouts until it was stopped when he defeated middleweight Danny Jacobs in 12 rounds. Canelo Alvarez has lost only one fight which was to recently retired Floyd Mayweather, Jr. As the interest began to accelerate while they fought different opponents and won world crowns there were various reports about why they hadn’t met in the ring yet.

Was it because Golovkin was not being offered the proper money he demanded for this mega fight? Was it because Canelo was afraid to fight 3G causing a continuous delay in contract signing, date and location selection?

Much to the delight of the global boxing world the fight was finally signed after Canelo outclassed and defeated Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. on Saturday, May 5th 2017.

Almost immediately the most feared boxer of the middleweight division Golovkin was the overwhelming betting favorite. His fans believe Golovkin remains undefeated for very a good reason.

They believe his knockout power will be too much for Alvarez who will develop stamina problems in the later rounds due to 3G’s vicious body punishment.

Golovkin’s supporters also say he’s improved his boxing style from fight to fight while Canelo has fought the same way with no improvement or change.

Supporters also believe 3G’s Big Bear high altitude training camp preparations with a military type schedule were superior to Canelo’s camp in San Diego, California’s House of Boxing Training Center.

What is not mentioned too often is the total similar ferocity and dedicated demeanor of both combatants.

Canelo and 3G are totally committed hard core credit to their profession of the sweet science. They are almost gym rats, thoroughly prepared when they fight, giving the fans their money’s worth.

So why is Canelo the underdog?

Let’s analyze Canelo’s last five fights.

Canelo brutally knocked out James Kirkland in the 3rd round; in his championship fight he scored a punishing unanimous 12 round decision over Champion Miguel Cotto, winning the W.B.C. & Ring Magazine Middleweight Crowns; and, he successfully defended his titles against Amir Khan by a knockout in the 6th round and also won another Junior Middleweight crown when he also k.o.’d Londoner Liam Smith winning the W.B.O. 154 pound crown.

Finally in a “catch-weight” of 164 ½ pounds, keep-busy fight-agreement, Canelo won a unanimous decision over Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

He gave boxing fans a huge gift by inviting 3G into the ring to announce the Mega Fight.

I believe Canelo needed these last five fights to completely prepare himself for 3G; he was not in fear of 3G as many thought. Canelo actually used these fights as sparring sessions utilizing and strengthening his offensive weaponry; left hooks, upper cuts, right hand punches, head-and-body punishments, and combination of head and his jab.

Canelo would slug flat-footed occasionally and at other times box using his jab repeatedly.

The big confidence builder was the Chavez Jr. fight.

Canelo fought at 164 pounds and did not sit down in his corner the entire 12 rounds.

What may have been missed by many, was the different boxing styles Canelo utilized round by round while severely punishing Chavez sometimes throwing combinations of left and right uppercuts in rapid successions.

Another obvious plan by Canelo was to control the punishment and not cause a T.K.O. stoppage; he astutely stepped back, allowing Chavez to survive.

Emotionally, Canelo is determined to erase the stench of being called a coward even by fellow Mexicans for not fighting 3G earlier.

Canelo said: “I know this is a difficult fight knowing who 3G is since I sparred with him many years ago but when I lay down in bed at night I see us fighting a war, and I am always winning by knockout because I am ready for whatever 3G brings to the table, and I am not afraid of him as many think. I fear no one.”

To Gennady Golovkin’s credit with his choir boy smile, you detect a super confidence like a just-another-day-at-the-office attitude. He does know the Canelo fight is no walk in the park.

This superfight is really 50-50 pic–em between two warriors who will never back down from each other. This fight has the look of a middle-of-the-ring phone booth type war.

Canelo Alvarez will win by decision in a hard fought vicious fight. Don’t rule out a late-round knockout by Canelo the harder puncher. 3G Golovkin is also a hard-puncher but a better ring general.

The majority of the global boxing world expects “3G” Golovkin to defeat Saul Alvarez even by knockout. I don’t agree.

Don’t bet your home on a Golovkin victory over Canelo on Saturday because Sunday morning you will be homeless.

My own Black Star News publisher doubts my prediction and sees a 3G victory. I forgive him and may even rent him a room.

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