Black Inventor Creates Children Book To Promote Innovation For children

Steve The Legacy Debuts “The Little Inventor That Could” Children’s Book that  promotes diversity and representation

Photos: Steve The Legacy

Philadelphia, PA, JUNE 2020–Steve The Legacy Debuts “The Little Inventor That Could” Children’s Book that promotes diversity and representation of inventors in children’s books.

Patented Inventor Steve The Legacy (above) has announced the official launch of his new children’s book , which has just debuted for pre-order on his website. Steve The Legacy is a Black inventor, author and speaker based in Philadelphia, PA., and he has a mission of creating children’s books that represent character, integrity and self belief.

Steve wants to encourage future Black and Brown innovators to become Patented Inventors and change the world. One of his favorite quotes he loves to recite. ” Don’t Just see things for what they are, see them for what they can become.”

“The Little Inventor That Could” children’s picture book is about Steve The Legacy’s quest to become a 1st generation Patented Inventor and game developer. He wrote the book to encourage children of the future to be the problem solvers of the world.

“As a small indie publisher, The Little Inventor That Could is available for pre-order to fund because we don’t have the capital of a big, traditional publisher,” said Steve The Legacy. Steve’s goals is to produce that level of quality that you would get from a big publisher but with more attention to detail from a small Black owned company.

Steve The Legacy is committed to promoting Black and Brown inventors.

“When I was younger, there weren’t any Inventors I knew of that looked like me. The people that looked like me wasn’t advertised as being an inventor. I wanted to change the narrative that there are great Black and Brown inventors that has changed the world in many ways. Steve also created a Support Black Inventors tshirt line to help create awareness for Black and Brown inventors.

Steve The Legacy welcomes everyone to support and help fund his picture book “The Little Inventor That Could” by pre-ordering or donating at

Further information about other titles from Steve The Legacy can be found at

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