Black Businesswoman Creating Vegan, Eco-Friendly Skin Care Products

Lakisha Bullock, of Philadelphia, PA, is the founder and CEO of SCB Naturals

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At 38, Lakisha Bullock, of Philadelphia, PA, is the founder and CEO of SCB Naturals, a handmade, vegan, and eco-friendly wellness brand specializing in handmade soaps and skincare products she created in her kitchen in 2015 after losing her job at Christmas time for a second consecutive year.

Bullock became super stressed after losing those jobs just before the holidays, developing bad skin as a result. She started a process of self-care and began to make products that cleared up her skin.

Bullock then started making Shea Butter with an oil mix and putting orange peels in it. She gave some to her sister and when her sister phoned saying her skin cleared up, she knew she was on to something.

Inspired, she branched out and started SCB Naturals. She immediately set her next big goal: being a successful entrepreneur by the age of 40. She beat that goal by two years!

As a younger adult, Lakisha had developed a serious eczema condition and struggled to control the issue. She felt “ugly,” and her skin was horrible. It reminded her of when she was bullied and harassed as a young student and taught herself at the age of 11 how to do her hair and nails. It motivated her to dream of a better life, one where she could feel empowered with better skin and hair.

At 16 she discovered Lisa, of Carol’s Daughter a Black woman from Brooklyn who started her brand of natural haircare in her kitchen. That’s when her dream was born, and she knew from then this was what she was destined to do.

Bullock dropped out of school but received her GED from Job Corps. She would eventually work her way through retail and become a general manager of a restaurant. Before the pandemic, she was most recently an assistant director of a non-profit organization but was laid off from that position as a result of the pandemic.

Bullock, who wants to become the expert in the natural soap business, is the sole employee of SCB Naturals. Her SCB Naturals offer many other natural and holistic items, such as bath and body, beard care, tea essentials, natural deodorant, and pet care. SCB Naturals products offer many benefits including relief from skin conditions like eczema, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, oily skin and that’s just to name a few benefits.

Bullock believes practicing self-care daily and having great hair and skin is empowering. “It makes you look good and feel great which in return motivates you to do more!!” she says.

Besides creating a product that made her feel better, she is also feeling energized by motivating others to feel confident in their skin and possibly start a business of their own. She enjoys being a mentor and coach to potential and new entrepreneurs.

Her mission at SCB Naturals is to create beautiful products curated from nature and promote a healthier lifestyle through empowerment. Her products are designed for women, men, the entire family, even pets!

She looks forward to growing SCB Naturals into a nationally recognized brand.

Lakisha also wants to help her clients and others with food insecurity. She will soon use her recently acquired Plant Nursery Certificate to offer Garden Starter Boxes and promote healthier lifestyles, enabling people to grow their own healthier food and avoid feeding their families foods with GMO’s and non-essential products.

Lakisha’s products can be seen at

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