Black American Businessman’s Murder In Colombia Shrouded in Mystery

Mr. Timothy Revell Reed, 54, who was gunned down in Barranquilla, Colombia in April

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What happened to Georgia businessman, and Morehouse ITC grad, Mr. Timothy Revell Reed, 54, who was gunned down in Barranquilla, Colombia in April? Why has the murder of this African-American businessman gotten no coverage by American media? Why has the State Department not issued any statements on Mr. Reed’s murder? If Mr. Reed was a white man would American media be ignoring this story?

These are some of the important questions that were posed to the Black Star News by concerned citizen Eugenio Stewart.

Mr. Stewart contacted the Black Star News about this mysterious murder and voiced his displeasure regarding the lack of answers–and the apparent lack of concern about this murder.

Just what exactly happened to Mr. Reed is difficult to ascertain given the paucity of media stories, or any reports from government sources, about this killing. Besides some sources Mr. Stewart provided, it is hard to find anything regarding this killing.

However, one key source Mr. Stewart provided was an article from the online newspaper. The Black Star News used Google translate to interpret the story.

According to the story, Mr. Reed was killed: “On a public highway in the Las Palmas neighborhood of the city of Barranquilla” and “murdered in the morning hours of this Tuesday, April 20.” and it was “confirmed by the Barranquilla authorities” that the dead man was “a 54-year-old North American citizen identified as Timothy Revell Reed, who received several gunshot wounds.”

The article states that: “The Barranquilla authorities also detailed for local media that, according to versions of the witnesses, two men who were mobilizing on a motorcycle approached the victim and shot him.” The story says Mr. Reed ” had arrived in Colombia in December (2020) to live with his sentimental partner with whom he had met through social networks.”

There has been speculation by some that Mr. Reed was set up by this local female “sentimental partner.”

The story notes this about Reed and the woman: “They just started a business with a house on the corner and were thinking of starting a restaurant. They had already made the payment (for $ 690 million) “, revealed General Diego Rosero, commander of the Barranquilla Metropolitan Police.”

Mr. Reed was said to have also, some days prior, ” bought a house for almost 700 million pesos, located in this same area of the city, where he wanted to set up a restaurant.”

Even based on the little we know, several questions should be asked here.

Was Mr. Reed killed because he was identified as a Black foreigner who was spending a lot of money? Was he targeted with the help of this local female “sentimental partner?” And now that Mr. Reed is dead, who gets the property that he bought?

We must also wonder what the local Barranquilla Metroploitan Police have to say about the investigation into Mr. Reed’s killing.

Where is the investigation on this? Do police have any suspects? Is the “sentimental partner” cooperating with the investigation? Is the investigation hot or has it gone cold?

Here in the US, the main question is: is the American State Department actively pressuring the Colombian Government for answers regarding the murder of Mr. Timothy Revell Reed, an African-American?

Readers are asked to contact the State Department here by email or by phone at 1 (202) 647-6575

Access a GoFundMe page for Mr. Reed here

A YouTube video about Mr. Reed can be seen here.

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