Black America Can’t Afford Four More Years of Donald Trump

Trump utilize the white supremacy and white anxiety that is rooted in the grievance politics of Republicans,

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BSN: “Black Star News endorses Joe Biden as the only rational choice to be America’s next president. Donald Trump must be removed from the White House–even if he goes kicking and screaming.”
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Donald Trump’s racist, xenophobic, campaign to steal four more years of presidential power in America must be soundly defeated in two weeks at the polls in the 2020 Election.

America, and the world, cannot afford four more years of Trump’s mismanagement—and madness.

American Democracy is in a historical crisis unlike any other. We now stand on the precipice staring into the face of the abyss. Trump has taken America from the swamp into a cesspool of quicksand that will swallow up America if not stopped.

We have only one choice now to stop this madness in two weeks by fumigating the White House of all things Trump.

Even after Trump is removed the deep damage he has already done to America, and on the world stage, will have lingering lasting effects for some time to come into the future.

Domestically, Trump’s failed responses to grave problems, like the COVID-19 pandemic, has led America to have the world’s highest rates of COVID cases—and deaths, with African-Americans and Latinos suffering at disparate levels.

Trump’s recorded admission to Watergate reporter Bob Woodward, regarding COVID, is damning proof of his colossal ineptitude and insensitivity to the lives of regular Americans. He knew the dangers of the virus but never acted to protect and save lives. His only concern was how the pandemic could hurt him politically. Who cares if a quarter of a million Americans, and counting, are now dead.

Trump’s careless conduct may’ve also led to him, and several family members, catching the virus. His bullying behavior since then tells us he has learned nothing. His lack of humility speaks to his lack of sensitivity.

He went to Walter Reed Medical Center and received the best medical care for free. Meanwhile, along with his Republican cronies, Trump is in the courts right now trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act with no care about how this will further negative health outcomes for those with limited means facing economic insecurity, made worse by the intransigence of Republicans in Congress during this pandemic.

The COVID-19 crisis has dramatically exposed the systemic racial inequalities in America. A course reversal is needed—fast. Donald Trump, the current white hope champion of rabid regressive racists, cannot be expected to give us that course correction.

Trump can’t because he is the current president of white supremacy in America.

He recently decided racial sensitivity training in government should be stopped. He has defended white teen murderer Kyle Rittenhouse, who traveled from Antioch, Illinois to Kenosha, Wisconsin to murder two protesters. Trump briefed federal law enforcement officials that Rittenhouse should be spoken of in sympathetic terms: as a concerned citizen who went with his gun into another state to protect property.

Then in the first 2020 Presidential Debate—debacle is a more precise term—Trump uttered the now infamous “Stand back and stand by” shoutout to the racist Proud Boys hate group. Of course, to a manipulative opportunist, like Trump, the Proud Boys are no doubt seen as “very fine people,” like the Charlottesville tiki torch carrying neo-Nazis KKK nightriders.

Black Americans aren’t surprised by Trump’s racism, especially those who live in New York, who understand how he has always used racism, especially in helping to railroad the Central Park Five—now known as the Exonerated Five.

Trump has only one platform policy: promoting prejudice. That is the sum total of what he stands for.

Trump’s launched himself into national politics by attacking all things attached to President Barack Obama, the nation’s first African-American president. His attacks on Obama should also be seen as an attack on the progress of Black America. He speaks for a segment of white America that wants the old more racist America of the “good old days.”

From the very beginning, Trump utilize the white supremacy and white anxiety that is rooted in the grievance politics of Republicans, albeit with a very nasty overt twist. This is the foundation principle of his political playbook.

Trump, unlike the more subtle, underhanded, Republicans decided to do his xenophobic, race-baiting act more out in the open, while using reality television tactics to maximize press coverage and ratings. Of course, this approach is more dangerous and has heightened the white supremacist threat.

After launching his campaign on Birtherism, Trump then expanded his attacks on the “others,” Mexicans, Muslims, etc. So, we heard the chants of “build the wall,” and talks about a Muslim ban, while Trump attacks Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, who as a Black Muslim woman, represents several of the “out” groups that Trump’s white supremacist constituency hates.

Trump has attacked Colin Kaepernick, who was fighting against racial injustice and police murder, with empty talk about respect for the troops and flag, while he says nothing about news regarding Russia allegedly paying bounty on the heads of American soldiers. Trump seems more comfortable, and speaks more cordial, to murderous dictators than with American Democrats in the U.S. Congress.

Trump has also sent an unmistakable signal–with his “law and order” rhetoric–to law enforcement that he doesn’t give a damn about Black people being murdered in American streets, like George Floyd was, by the hand of killer-cops. Trump was more comfortable teargassing peaceful protesters, to stage a church photo op, that speaking about racial justice. On the Woodward tape, he made it clear that he basks in his white privilege.

Donald Trump is, easily, the most shamefully despotically racist president of our time. Trump and Republicans are busy, now, trying to suppress the votes of African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, and other minority groups. He has given the signal to racists that violence used against anyone in the “other” group can be condoned—as long as they remain faithful to Donald Trump.

Trumpism is about making America white again, in a time when America is fast becoming less white.

The stakes here are high for Black America. The last four years of xenophobic toxic racism must be turned around.

 For all these reasons, and more, the Black Star News endorses Joe Biden as the only rational choice to be America’s next president.

Donald Trump must be removed from the White House–even if he goes kicking and screaming.

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