Biden Administration’s Proposal To Take On Big Pharma’s High Prices

By Center For American Progress

Photos: YouTube Screenshots

Washington, D.C. — Thursday, the Biden administration announced a new proposal to exercise existing government authority to improve Americans’ access to high-priced prescription drugs developed using taxpayer support. In response, Emily Gee, senior vice president for Inclusive Growth at the Center for American Progress, shared the following statement:

“The Biden administration has made it abundantly clear that its top domestic priority is lowering costs, and today’s framework for march-in rights underscores it is following through by using every tool available to make prescription drugs more affordable. Once again, the Biden administration has proven it will stand up to Big Pharma and say “enough is enough” on high prices that keep prescription drugs out of reach. Today’s action comes on top of the administration’s previous actions on drug prices, including empowering Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices and cap the cost of insulin at $35 per month.”

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