Beyond Tennis: Serena And Venus Williams Have Already Made History


Venus and Serena Williams


No matter what happens in the U.S Open Tennis Tournament, Serena Williams must go down in history as one of the most intelligent and mentally tough athletes to play in any sport.

Serena and Venus Williams had to overcome some of the most sickening White racism in the elitist world of tennis to become the greatest sibling champions the sports world has ever known. It angers me to hear the racism of tennis sportscasters speaking of the Williams’ sisters “power,” “speed,” “long arms,” “muscular physique” while ignoring their intelligence, mental toughness, or the cerebral way they approach the game of tennis.

I must also mention that these two Beautiful African Queens are committed to racial justice and equal pay and equal treatment for women. If you spent the rest of your life giving credit and acknowledgement for the success of the Williams sisters, you couldn’t  give enough to their genius father Richard Williams, who created, developed, coached, protected and guided them to championship greatness and to their mother Oracene Price, who with love, care and discipline shaped and molded their beautiful intelligent personalities.

I remember their father telling them that: “Knowing your history is more important than tennis.”

Right on to the Williams sisters. We are proud of you. Forward ever.

Charles Barron is a New York State Assemblyman who represents Assembly District 60 in Brooklyn.



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