Battle of ADWA, Ethiopian Victory Against Imperialism, E-book Now on Amazon

The Battle of ADWA

“ADWA: Empress Taytu & Emperor Menelik in Love & War,” the story about Ethiopia’s epic 19th century victory over an Italian army seeking to colonize the country is now available in e-book format on Amazon.

Ethiopia was the only African country not colonized by a European power as a result of the victory. The African kingdom annihilated the invading Italian army, killing close to 3,000 soldiers, including two generals. Nearly an equal number of Italian prisoners of war were put to work. The table was turned–this time Europeans labored under the supervision of Africans.

The hard-cover edition of the book is available for U.S. orders only on  “This is a story of a great battlefield victory by Africans over European imperialism that needs to be widely known,” says the book’s author, Milton Allimadi. “What better time than during Black History Month to celebrate this victory for all Africans and African descendants. This coming March also marks the 127th anniversary of the victory.”

Allimadi teaches African history as an adjunct professor at John Jay College and journalism at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia. Allimadi was able to publish “ADWA…” after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $16,215, to cover the artwork and production as well as printing the hardcover edition; the amount raised exceeded the target of $15,750.

The highest contribution of $5,000 came from Errol L. Pierre who is listed on the cover as co-producer. “I’m very grateful to Errol and all the kickstarter supporters who helped bring ADWA to life,” Allimadi says.

“ADWA…” a dramatized-history graphic book tells the story of how the brave and determined Taytu Betul, the  empress, convinced her husband Emperor Menelik II to mobilize a huge army after Italy claimed Ethiopia had agreed to be colonized. Her husband Emperor Menelik, Ras Makonnen, Ras Mangesha and Ras Alula–the greatest general ever produced by Ethiopia–commanded tens of thousands of soldiers.

The Ethiopians scored Africa’s greatest victory against white supremacy and European imperialism.  “It is a gripping story and I felt like I was watching an epic movie,” says Mohammed Nurhussein, a retired medical doctor and author of “Made In Ethiopia,” a memoir. “I would not be surprised if it is grabbed by movie-makers. I can see its global appeal among women of every color and Among Africans everywhere.”

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