Baraka’s Victory And Return Of Black Radical Politics


Charles Barron

He’s the new Mayor of Newark, New Jersey.

I was there all day yesterday campaigning with the December 12th Movement, and then we celebrated the victory. What a great youthful enthusiastic campaign team he assembled. What excitement the new Mayor generated when he told his supporters that, “When I become mayor, we all become mayor.”

His father, the legendary Amiri Baraka is smiling from heaven, as is former Mayor of Jackson, Miss. Chokwe Lumumba.

Mayor Ras Baraka, after praising GOD, gave credit to his greatest supporter, his mother Amina Baraka.

It was great spending time with her at her home yesterday. The people of Newark were not duped by money, t.v. ads, or mailings.

The people of Newark told the Shavar Jeffries’ and their White Wall Street backers that, “Newark is not for sale!”

It’s a great day for Black Radical Politics! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!



Charles Barron represented Brooklyn’s 42nd District on the New York City Council from 2001 to 2013.


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