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Teams are now vying for the playoffs

The Baltimore Orioles are on the up in what is proving to be a very difficult American League East division.


The team – as of writing – is currently 59-55 over the course of the 2022 MLB season, with the organization having been able to record an impressive 6-4 win record over the last 10 games; where some will argue it matters most as we approach the business end of the campaign.


However, will the team be able to make the postseason? Or, have the Baltimore Orioles left it a little too later to be considering a run to the World Series? In this article, we will take a look at the team and suggest what might potentially happen over the course of the remainder of the season.

Will the Baltimore Orioles make the postseason?

There will be many that will not have even thought that the Baltimore Orioles would be in a position where they are still looking to try and reach the playoffs given the start of the campaign that they had put together.


Indeed, many will actually suggest that the franchise is overachieving at the moment given the expectations that many had during preseason, however there is perhaps an air of confidence in the team’s ability following its recent run and form in the MLB.


As mentioned, they are 7-3 over the last 10 games to have been played, while it is important to note that this is just a small part of the bigger picture. At the beginning of July, the team was 35-44 and looking completely out of it. Now, after the first two weeks of August, they are 58-53 and are within ear-shot of a place in the postseason, albeit via  

The Orioles still have plenty of work to do if they are to achieve one of the three available spots this season, though, although there are fewer people doubting the team’s ability compared to say just six weeks ago. Naturally, it will be down to the team to determine what happens, and they will need to continue to obtain some big results over the next few months if they are to achieve it.


So, how could the team potentially do this? Well, it has been predicted that in order to obtain the final of the three wild card spots, a team will need to total 85 wins for the season. That leaves the Orioles requiring 27 victories from their remaining 51 games. This means they potentially afford to go 27-24 during the remainder of the season.


However, as we know, that is going to be a big ask and there will be some that may be questioning whether that is something that is possible to achieve. Of course, when you consider the fact that the above record is just a projection and does not include what other teams in the hunt are able to do, there is a lot that needs to be considered.


Nonetheless, it would not be a surprise if there were a number of enthusiastic Orioles fans that were considering this record when thinking about the possibility of placing a sports wager on their favorite team given that they can now do so.


Indeed, Caesars Maryland betting for punters of the Orioles is now available and there will be many that will feel rather attracted to the odds and values that have been provided because of the team’s hot streak. However, fans would be wise to recognize that there are a number of other factors to think about.


As mentioned, those who are potentially thinking about wagering on the Orioles would be wise to know that there are six other teams also in the mix for the American League’s three wild card spots, with the Toronto Blue Jays, the Seattle Mariners, and the Tampa Bay Rays all ahead in the race.

There are a number of opportunities ahead for the Baltimore Orioles

Although there are three teams ahead of the Orioles in the hunt for one of the wild card spots, there are a number of opportunities that can help the team to overcome the challenge of some of those that are also in the same situation.


Indeed, all is not lost in regard to playing catch-up as there are still 13 games that need to be played between the Orioles and the Blue Jays, while they also still have a three-game series to play against the Rays to contest, too. Elsewhere, they also have games to play against the Cleveland Guardians and the Chicago White Sox, which could bolster their chances if they are able to put  

However, there is a problem that needs to be addressed: the Orioles also have one of the hardest schedules left in the MLB American League. They still have seven games to play against the Houston Astro, while they have multiple games to play against the Boston Red Sox, while also having a handful of games against the New York Yankees still to play, too.


On the flip side, and where the Orioles have to be a little more careful, is the fact that the Seattle Mariners have one of the weakest schedules in the MLB. Indeed, with multiple games against the Oakland Athletics, the Los Angeles Angels, the Detroit Tigers, the Texas Rangers, the Kansas City Royals, and the Washington Nationals, many expect the Mariners to be able to secure their place as an AL wild card team.

Final Thoughts

So, will the Baltimore Orioles be able to secure a wild card postseason spot this season? It would appear that there are a number of different things that need to be considered, with some more controllable than others.


The organization will need to continue to keep its hot streak alive and make sure they are able to pick up the wins that many would suggest are possible to obtain. However, when you factor in the fact that the Seattle Mariners –  a direct competitor for one of the three spots – have the easiest schedule in terms of strength, whatever they do might not be enough.

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