August Is National Black Business Month. Here’s What You Should Know

August is National Black Business Month, an annual celebration recognizing Black entrepreneurs and their contributions to America’s economy.

Metro Atlanta is the nation’s hub for Black-owned businesses, with the highest proportion of Black-owned businesses than any other metro in the country, according to Census data. In the region, 7.4% of employer businesses are owned by African Americans. The Columbus metro area ranks fourth in the nation, with 6.7% of employer businesses being Black-owned. Nationally, just 2.4% of employer firms are Black-owned.

When you drill down into Black entrepreneurship in the city of Atlanta, the rate of Black businesses is a lot higher: about 20% of the city’s businesses are Black-owned, according to economic development authority Invest Atlanta.

But for a city with a population that is 44% Black, according to 2021 Census data, there is a stark difference in the population of the city and how it is represented in the business community.


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