As Uganda Medical Services Collapse, Gen. Museveni Wants To Extend 30-Year Dictatorship


After 30 years in power–the inside of a state-operated hospital

[Africa Commentary: Uganda Elections 2016]

The raphic videos and pictures of rotten, dysfunctional and, in some instances, wholly uninhabitable hospitals across Uganda, which have gone viral on the social networks, as well as in the local media outlets, such as NTV and  Daily Monitor must be a wake up call to all of us to seriously reflect and make serious choices about the future of Uganda.

Consider the government-operated Bugiri hospital: These incredible images are sure proof that that dictator Gen. Yoweri Museveni’s corrupt, uncaring and destructive approaches to the governance of our Motherland Uganda are leading to the total collapse of the entirety of the Ugandan state.

A social implosion of cataclysmic scale looms, as the remnants of the state, and Gen. Museveni as the rogue leader of the collapsing state, seek to violently force the continuation of the political status quo against the will of the suffering and totally disgusted Ugandan masses.

Evidently, using elections as the route for peaceful transfer of power is being seriously hampered and obstructed by Gen. Museveni and his repressive state apparatus, led by the much-hated Museveni apologist and anti-people police commander General Kale Kayihura, as well as Museveni’s son Brigadier Muhoozi Kaneirugaba, commander of the Praetorian guard (Special Forces Command) who is now the chief defender of his father’s imperial adventurisms. The repressive state apparatus, which is also anchored by hundreds of para-military formations, such as Major Kakooza Mutale’s private militias and Kale Kayihura’s para-military formations, the so-called “Crime Preventers” are gearing up, unless checked now,  to commit mass murder, comparable o the 1994 Rwanda genocide, in the name of preserving the political status quo.

The repressive apparatus is already killing, arresting, torturing and variously harassing thousands of Ugandan political activists, pro-democracy youth campaigners, and even simple villagers campaigning for their freedoms and land. In recent times, Ugandan youths involved in peaceful campaigns for democracy have been kidnapped and tortured by state operatives across the country.

The state of terror and suffering across the Ugandan country has picked and reached heights beyond which Ugandans bear. This therefore is the time for all the Ugandan people, all united as one, to come together and force this nauseatingly unbearable criminal regime of dictator Yoweri Museveni out of power.

If Gen. Museveni were to allow Ugandans to peacefully change the political direction of the country through peaceful elections, there would be no need to think of any other means to cause political change.

Sadly Ugandans are being forced to prepare themselves for every type of eventuality – and if it means confronting the regime using every possible constitutionally permitted  revolutionary methods, so be it.

Ugandans must prepare all means permissible by the constitution of Uganda to prevent the country from total destruction.

Free Uganda hopes that sense will finally dawn upon Gen. Museveni and his enablers, like Gen. Kayihura, to stop forcing Ugandans into a situation where they have to use the most extreme means to change the status quo.

As the saying goes – “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Something for Gen. Museveni to quickly reflect upon.


Dr.Vincent Magombe, Secretary

Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU

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