Are You Just Another Chump? Revolution or Another Election


Crazy wolf Trump. Master hate-monger and sexual predator. Photo: Gage Skidmore.

I saw a cartoon that shook me up this afternoon. It was of a bunch of sheep with a lion and a wolf in front of them. The caption read that the sheep are voting for which one is going to eat them.

I wondered if that is really what is going on right now. This election is very bad. Its far worse than having to choose between Frick and Frack, dum dum and dumb dumber or with Pizza or Pasta in deference or at least deliberate reference to the Clinton Pizza gate connection. Joe Biden, the man who sponsored the Bill passed by Congress ZIDERA which virtually destroyed and recolonized Zimbabwe economically is running against Donald Trump, the man who 70,000 or more mental health practitioners have said is dangerous and unfit to hold office.

Then I thought, well maybe a sane lion will only eat until it is full? What will this batshit crazy wolf do if re-elected? That cartoon was talking about sheep. What should warriors do? Revolution, another Civil War or another election? Will electing the lion at least slow down the crazy wolf? Is that a tactical sacrifice or a cowardly decision.

I had to say to myself, “Stop thinking like this. Snap out of it. This is not reality. These are analogies, composed of metaphors to inspire better understanding of reality.”

What’s it All About Alfie?: I chose to use the wolf to represent Trump in my analogy, because the Germanic people, Trump’s ancestors, worshipped the wolf. Alf was the sound the wolves made as Trump’s people huddled in their caves. Their admiration for the wolf is preserved in names such as Alfred, as in Alf the Red, the first Saxon King, Adolph, as in The Fuhrer, Hitler and Rudolph as in Hess or Giuliani. Quite predictably, Giuliani says that the president of the U.S. “probably does have the right to pardon himself” if charged with a crime. The Italians also worshipped the wolf. They claimed Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome were raised from infancy by a wolf. I guess the Italians and the Germanic people worshipped the wolf because he was an Apex predator.

How High Does This Apex Reach?: Speaking of Apex predators, by now most people know that sex predator Jeffrey Epstein was for a while rescued from prosecution by a man from the Justice Department that Trump later appointed as Secretary of Labor named Alex Acosta. Some still don’t know that Trump appointed as the head of the Justice Department, William Barr, a man whose father Donald Barr was the headmaster at an elite girls school that for some reason hired a college dropout to teach math and physics. That College dropout was none other than apex predator Jeffrey Epstein, Donald’s buddy. I’ve made too much of Epstein being Donald’s buddy instead of pointing out that he was Trump’s co-defendant in a case where a woman called in court papers and the media alternately, “Katie Johnson and Jane Doe,” claimed Trump and Epstein had raped her when she was 13. The case disappeared just before Trump was elected. Stormy Daniels has taught everyone how that might happen. The justice department oversees the federal prisons. The Co-defendant, apex predator was killed in Federal Custody. When a reporter asked Trump at a press conference about Epstein’s assistant and girlfriend Ghislane Maxwell, seen in multiple pictures with Epstein and Trump, having been jailed and charged with sex trafficking underage women, Trump said, “I wish her well.” Many people thought that meant for Maxwell to STFU. That was at a press conference on COVID 19; yep that’s how a crazy wolf might do it alright.

If Trump is re-elected can murdering journalists and trade unionists be far behind? No one should be surprised because I’ve asked the question before.

Intel a Little Off? Grab Em By The Kamala: The ravenous lion of Zimbabwe, or the crazy wolf of America. How could captive Africans, so-called African Americans, even be in a position where these are our only choices. Are they? The civil polite evil of the Democrat squeezing countries to death–as Madeline Albright once said making their economies “scream”–vs the crazy wolf eating people for no reason. The evil on one side is often revealed only in Biden’s gaffs, which could be related to his
past brain aneurysm. He once said there had never been even one racist president. Apparently KKK admirer, Woodrow Wilson, who screened “Birth of a Nation” in the White House, resides on one of those cells lost during the rupture. Said Joe, with great intensity, “No sitting president has ever done this,“ (The KKK is Silent). “Knever, Knever, Knever,” said Joe. “No Republican president has done this. No Democratic president. We’ve had racists, and they’ve existed, they’ve tried to get elected president…” Trump’s, “the first one that has.”

So now we have TBI-den Mr. No-racist-President-of the-United-States-ever running against Trump, a man associated with all that is evil, vicious, vile and crass.

Will America choose him again even after witnessing his rudeness, his disregard for laws and rules, not to mention, well established social and political norms. Civil Rights Attorney, Gloria Browne Marshall, pointed out on her program last week that 54 percent of white women voted for Trump in 2016 even after he spoke of grabbing them by the lioness. No, I did not say the Kamala.

High Dose Tolerance: It is in that context that Trump could easily be re-elected. Or maybe on November 4, Black folks will be celebrating in the street like OJ was found innocent, –again , or Obama won the Election– again or like everybody hit the number and it was not 666 or 187.

I am going to stop writing, because in analogies as in immunology there is a phenomenon called tolerance. It’s still COVID 19 TIME, so an immunological analogy is fitting , right? In short, tolerance can occur when one slowly administers so much of a thing (an antigen) that would ordinarily be rejected by an organism that the organism’s usual resistance is diminished or suppressed to the extent that the organism accepts or at least tolerates it. So it is, that my slowly administered analogies like the slowly administered fascism of America has brought us to this place, Revolution, Civil War or another Election?

On November 3rd, even if I hold my nose and pull down that lever, in the background I will hear Malcolm’s voice saying, “Because you’re a chump,” applause, “A political chump!”

By James C. McIntosh, M.D.

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