Sister Betty J. Dopson. Photo: YouTube

CEMOTAP will begin to bring the year to an end with its annual pre-Kwanzaa celebration where families are treated to a delightful feast and all of the children a given a bag of gifts. On Saturday December 16th at 2:00 P.M. CEMOTAP will open its doors at 135-05 Rockaway Blvd. in South Ozone Park to its members and friends to its Umoja, unity, celebration.

“Our race is far more unified than we are led to believe,” said Betty Dopson, CEMOTAP co-chair who continued, “all across the nation, this is the time when black people are celebrate family love, renew the importance of the Kwanzaa principles and are do so at feasts.” The unity that is manifest among our members and friends has kept CEMOTAP financially sound and pushing ahead for over 30 years.

CEMOTAP’s Pre-Kwanzaa celebration is free, as is all of its activities. The organization’s operating principle is to function independently and in the best interest of African People. Adults are urged to bring unwrapped toys or gifts to the event for distribution to the children.

Call (347) 970-0629  or (234) 855- 1058 for additional information.


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