Emperor Hate
Emperor Covid, Donald Trump. Photo: Gage Skidmore.
On this day Americans have a chance to vote out the pretender Donald Trump who publicly ssid Covid19 was no worse than the ordinary flu and would be gone by Easter.
Privately he told journalist Bob Woodward that he knew it was very lethal. So, because he wanted to control the narrative so he wouldn’t look bad–it always comes back to how does anything impact Donald Trump– the insane egolomaniac mismanaged the crisis.
As a result precautionary measures weren’t widely adopted in the U.S. early enough and over 231,000 Americans are dead while the figure for those infected is over 9.4 million.
If this was in Japan the leader of the country would resign and plunge a sword into his gut. But here in the United States Donald Trump, Emperor Covid, the most remorseless and heartless president in the nation’s history is seeking four more years in office.
Even as American families are being devastated by the disease Emperor Covid’s administration is before the U.S. Supreme Court, trying to deprive up to 20 million Americans of healthcare coverage by killing Obamacare. This is evidence that the man is completely evil. No wonder he’s presided over the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans by the pandemic–now he won’t mind killing more Americans by depriving them of healthcare coverage.
He’s been campaigning these last few weeks exactly the way he kicked off his presidential bid–by playing up the race card and anti-Non-White immigration into the United States. He infamously declared that Mexicans were drug dealers, murderers, and rapists. In the last few weeks he’s been encouraging racist White militia violence. After the violent shooting of an unarmed African American man, Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there was an uprising made up of multi-racial demonstrators. Violent White right-wing militias attacked the protesters. One of these domestic terrorists, Kyle Rittenhouse, came to the protests with an assault rifle and murdered two innocent people. Emperor Covid claimed Rittenhouse had engaged in self-defense. On the other hand he’s called the millions of multiracial demonstrators appearing at Black Lives Matter protests–since the brutal execution of George Floyd by White police officer Derek Chauvin–as “terrorists.” This is his way of inviting the true terrorists, White militias, to attack the peaceful demonstrators.
After the KKK attacked peaceful marchers protesting confederate flags in Charlottesville, one of them James Alex Fields killed Heather Heyer by driving into her. Trump said there’d been decent people on “both sides”  of the protest.
Racism is in his DNA. He referred to Haiti and African countries as S-hole countries. One of his jobs was denying apartments in his family’s real estate properties when he worked with his father in real estate.
Trump wants more violence and the nation should brace itself for possible turmoil today and in the days to follow. When given the opportunity to denounce the violent White militias, including the Bad Boys during the first presidential debate with Joe Biden, he infamously declared to his storm troopers everywhere–“stand back, stand by.”
America and the world can’t afford four more years of this cruel and evil dictator.
Vote Emperor Covid out of the White House.
A vote against Trump is a vote for America.

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