America Must Always Reject All Forms of Discrimination and Exclusion–Schumer


Today, we celebrate the beginning of Black History Month. Each year, we take this time to reflect on a legacy that is integrally tied to the story of America. It is a legacy of grit in the face of injustice, pride in the face of hate, and faith in the idea that we can build a better, more just, and more perfect union.

This month, we honor and share the stories of men and women, living and dead, whose words and deeds have contributed to our rich and diverse history. It is through their efforts and sacrifices that we grow ever closer to reaching the promise of our founding principles.

As we enter a new period in our history, we must take special care to remember those heroes – sung and unsung. We should honor them by embracing their achievements, not undermining them through the exclusion of immigrants and the nomination of an attorney general that does not intend to protect voting rights or aggressively protect civil rights. To wipe away that hard-won progress would mean disregarding the painful lessons of our past. That’s why I am, and always will be, committed to defending voting rights, combating systemic racism and discrimination, promoting and increasing inclusion, and preserving the promise of America for the most vulnerable among us.

In an inclusive America, there are no ‘others.’ In a just America, there are no ‘inferiors.’ In a compassionate America, there are no ‘undesirables.’ Only when we embrace that fundamental truth can we strive to be truly great.

U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer is the Senate Minority Leader

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