Activist Lawrence Hamm Endorses New Jersey Democrats For Congress

Lawrence Hamm, political activist and former U.S. Senate Candidate

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Lawrence Hamm, (shown above) political activist and former U.S. Senate Candidate gave his personal endorsement today to all New Jersey Democratic candidates for Congress.

“The Republican Party is now the party of Trump, the twice impeached and defeated former president and the leader of the attempted January 6th coup and violent attack on the Capitol,” stated Hamm who is also chairman of People’s Organization For Progress, a grassroots human and civil rights group.

“It has proven itself to be the standard bearer of a racist and anti-democratic movement in this country. It has opposed almost all major efforts to protect the rights of and make life better for a majority of Americans,” Hamm said.

“If the Republican Party comes out of this midterm election with a majority in Congress that will have a disastrous impact on the lives of working people, poor people, the middle class, women, minorities, senior citizens, students, and young people,” he said.

“Republicans must be stopped from getting a majority in Congress. The Democrats’ House and Senate majorities are so slim that they can’t afford to lose one seat,” he said.

“Therefore I personally endorse and urge you to vote for the following New Jersey Democratic Party candidates for members of the House of Representatives in the General Election, Tuesday, November 8th:

“Donald Norcross (1st CD), Tim Alexander (2nd CD), Andrew Kim (3rd CD), Matthew Jenkins (4th CD), Josh Gottheimer (5th CD), Frank Pallone (6th CD), Tom Malinowski (7th CD), Robert Menendez Jr (8th CD), Bill Pascrell (9th CD), Donald Payne Jr (10th CD), Mikie Sherell (11th CD), and Bonnie Watson Coleman (12th CD),” Hamm said.

“Because I endorse these candidates does not mean that I agree with them on all issues. I will continue to work to hold them accountable as I have done in the past,” he said.

“In order for them to win we must have a high voter turnout. I urge everyone who is registered to vote. We need massive voter mobilization. You can vote early or you can vote on Election Day. Either way come out and vote,” Hamm said.

“Finally, there is a growing fascist and racist movement in the United States. The Republican Party is now the political arm of that movement,” he said.

“Their attempted coup, based on the lies of massive voter fraud and that Trump had won his election, did not end on January 6th. It is ongoing. They tried to overturn the last presidential election and failed,” he stated.

“This current midterm election may set the stage for their next attempt to steal the election in 2024. We must stop them. We must defeat them at the ballot box. We must vote in record numbers as we did in 2020,” Hamm said.

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