Abortion And The Crisis Of Corruption In The Supreme Court

The conservative Republican Supreme Court made it clear Wednesday they are about to weaken abortion rights

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The conservative Republican Supreme Court made it clear Wednesday they are about to weaken abortion rights and undermine, if not overturn, Roe v. Wade.

The Court is now fast becoming a corrupt institution firmly in the control of the Trumpian Republican Party. We all need to worry about this development, since the Supreme Court will be used by Republicans for white-minority rule, as America becomes a non-white majority country.

The rights afforded to American women are about to be seriously curtailed, not because of differing legal interpretations, but based of political patronage and party affiliation. Like it or not, the current Supreme Court cannot be trusted anymore to be an impartial independent institution.

We will now get “judicial” rulings based on Republican Party pressure. And these conservative folks are about to ram their opinions down all our throats, even though their opinions represent the minority viewpoint in America.

So, come next year, multiple states will have stifled American women’s access to abortion. Republicans, like Donald Trump, will claim victory for bringing this about.

The most corrupt criminal president ever in the history of America made it clear if he was sent to the White House he would appoint anti-abortion judges. And, at least on this point, Trump kept his promise.

Trump was able to appoint three judges, who now sit on the court: Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh. All three of these appointments have pushed the Court further to the right. The other conservatives on the Court are: Chief Justice John Roberts, Samuel Alito, and uncle Clarence Thomas. This gives conservatives a super 6-3 majority on the Court.

Moreover, we should realize that Gorsuch, Barrett, and Kavanaugh are more conservative than say Roberts. Many Republicans were already unhappy with Roberts because he hasn’t ruled on some issues (like say Obamacare) in the way they wanted. Therefore, they made sure that with Gorsuch, Barrett and Kavanaugh they did more due diligence digging into their records.

Ironically, for years, we’ve heard a lot of talk about “judicial activism” by Republicans who claim that Democrats pick judicial nominees based on political advocacy instead of legal integrity. But Republicans have no problem with judicial activism if those judges are the kind of conservative judges that will rule the way Republicans want.

With Gorsuch, Barrett and Kavanaugh they now have the kind of right-wing judges they like. And these judges are poised to do damage to the Roe v. Wade abortion law.

Sadly, this latest assault on abortion rights should be blamed on a segment of white American voting women. Elections have consequences.

In the 2016 Presidential Elections, we were faced with the viable possibility of having the first female president elected in American history when Hillary Clinton faced off against Donald Trump. Yet, more white women (according to the Pew Center 47 % to 45 %) voted for Trump. Apparently, they felt Clinton was more deplorable than the “grab them by the pussy” guy Trump.

One of the most chilling things said during Wednesday’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization oral arguments, inside the Supreme Court, was the states’ rights claim being advanced by the legal representatives for the state of Mississippi.

Black Americans understand all too well that the states’ rights argument has been used historically to maintain oppressive laws.

In essence, the State of Mississippi is arguing they should be free from the tyranny of following Roe v. Wade–so, they can then turn around and dictate their anti-abortion views upon all the women in Mississippi. They want freedom from following the federal abortion law, so they can restrict the freedom of Mississippi women.

We should not be surprised by the convoluted contradictions of Republicans. On issue after issue, Republicans repeatedly illustrate their total hypocrisy.

Republicans say their objection to abortion is based on their “pro-life” values. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

On Tuesday, we had yet another school shooting that took the lives of four kids. We have seen the continuing cycle of these mass shootings with no action whatsoever on gun control measures because Republicans always refuse to do anything to stop the bloodletting.

When these mass shootings happen, we hear conservative cries about protecting the Second Amendment from Republicans. But we hear little to nothing about protecting the innocent lives lost by these shootings. When it comes to this, Republicans conveniently forget their “pro-life” bloviating and start blaming Democrats about trying to take away the guns of Americans.

What is really going here though is this: Republicans care far more about protecting the profits of their donor-daddies in the arms and murder machinery making industrial complex. Blood money profits takes precedent over the lives of regular Americans. Republicans don’t give a damn about innocent dead people–even if those dead people are children, such as in the Sandy Hook school killings.

Here is another thing to consider: how is it that the same people who tell us they care so much about life are also the most staunch defenders of the death penalty? Its supposed to be alright for the state to murder prisoners because those prisoners may have also committed murder?

These Republicans and conservatives are not pro-life. What these people want is control over everybody else’s body, especially, if those people are not white men.

American sexism has always been the twin of American racism. The major proponents of making abortion illegal are mostly white men, because white men have always controlled the bodies of everybody else in racist, sexist America. Black women, in particular, understand this truth.

The conservatives on the Supreme Court are now about to give us some legal mumbo jumbo gobbledygook rationale to make it seem as if their decision is based solely on principled legal arguments, and not on their political party affiliation. But the truth painfully tells us otherwise.

And this time, on this topic, the very legitimacy of the Supreme Court will be flushed down the toilet when they issue they ruling weakening Roe.

But the legitimacy of the Court has been in question even before the liberal justices raised their concerns about the damage that would be done to the institution of the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

The nomination of Brett Kavanaugh was a prime example of the politicization of the Supreme Court. What does it tell us that Kavanaugh’s confirmation was rushed thru despite the multiple sexual harassment charges made against him, which were never thoroughly investigated? Kavanaugh, like Trump, is likely a serial sex offender yet he is on the Supreme Court, and about to be one of the justices weakening Roe.

There is another contradiction to look at here: many of these same people who are just fine with the government regulating what women can do with their bodies are the very same people now up in arms against COVID vaccinations and mandates. And their objection is that the government shouldn’t be able to tell them what to do with their bodies.

The Republican Party, especially since the coming of the Trump Presidency, is slowly destroying American institutions. It now seems we can add another institution to that list: the Supreme Court.

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