A Ugandan Responds to Gen. Yoweri Museveni on “Sectarianism”

Ugandan despot Museveni

Gen. Yoweri Museveni. Photo: Facebook.


When the people of Buganda vote for Museveni they are enlightened and patriotic; when they vote against Museveni they are sectarians. 


When Museveni’s kinsmen vote for him they are enlightened and patriotic; when people from the Greater North vote against him, they are backward. 


In every situation, Museveni is the yardstick. It is a form of narcissism, self-worship. 


But when narcissism is combined with unchecked power, the result is dictatorship and totalitarianism. That is what Museveni has successfully created in Uganda: a totalitarian regime. 


Museveni is therefore offended that the people of Buganda can have their own opinions. Free men and free women are unfailing affronts to narcissism. They are beacons of hope and bulwarks against totalitarianism. 


The self-proclaimed “liberator” of Luwero is determined to silence the voice of Buganda. That is Museveni’s gratitude to Buganda. It speaks for itself. Its eloquence needs no interpretation. 


But for those who have no ears, Museveni is saying that a patriotic Muganda is a subservient Muganda. He believes that! 


Our “liberators” have, indeed, become our tormentors. Cry the beloved country!



By Anonymous Ugandan

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