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SPLC Report: Hate Groups Descending On Main Street America

Photos: Wikimedia Commons MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Today, the Southern Poverty Law Center released Year in Hate & Extremism, an annual report detailing the scope and danger of hate and antigovernment extremist groups operating within the United States. The report documents 1,225 active groups and shows how their tactics shifted after the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on...

Phoenix: Black-Owned Hat Shop Picked For ESPN Initiative

Photo: YouTube Screenshots The Phoenix Suns might not have made it to the NBA Finals this year, but a Phoenix-based business will get some high-value exposure during the basketball championship series. Straw & Wool, a downtown Phoenix-based hat store, was chosen as one of four companies in ESPN’s 2023 Champion Black Businesses initiative. The program,...

The Truth About Offshore Wind: Busting Oil Money Myths And Misinformation

Photos: Wikimedia Commons Washington, D.C. — With misinformation about offshore wind running rampant online and in state legislatures, a new column from the Center for American Progress aims to debunk the misleading theories and present the facts. Many of these falsehoods include bombastic stories about dead whales, collapsing tourism economies, and fishery slumps. While these...


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