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Affirmative Action: Civil Rights Groups Send Report To Colleges, Universities Detailing Options For Equitable, Diverse Education

Photos: YouTube Screenshots\Wikimedia Commons WASHINGTON – Today six leading civil rights groups released a comprehensive report that offers recommendations for advancing educational equity in light of the Supreme Court’s affirmative action decisions, providing key recommendations that can increase access to equitable and diverse education. The executives of the six organizations delivered the report with a...

Appellate Court Ruling Temporarily Blocks ‘Fearless Fund’ From Considering Giving Grants To Black Businesswomen

Photos: YouTube Screenshots On Saturday, the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals granted the request of conservative activist Ed Blum‘s American Alliance for Equal Rights petition to temporarily block the Fearless Fund from helping Black businesswomen receive venture capital funding. Blum is the same figure who successfully launched a campaign attacking affirmative action which...


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