8 Black-Owned Start-Up Tech Companies to Invest in For 2022

eight Black-owned businesses to invest in.

Photo: Calyxeum\BlackBusiness.com

There are thousands of Black-owned businesses that are seeking venture capital and investors.

The industries vary greatly, as well the locations and the amount of capital needed. Below, we’ve published a list of this year’s top eight Black-owned businesses to invest in. All of them are start-up tech firms, and all of them are already experiencing some level of success.

1. Calyxeum (Cannabis, Cultivation, Processing, Social Impact)

Calyxeum is an MBE/WBE business located in Detroit, MI. Calyxeum is a boutique Cannabis Cultivation and Processing operation focused on providing underrepresented populations with access to high-quality Cannabis products. Calyxeum also has a Community Impact Initiative with plans to rehabilitate abandoned homes, build community gardens, and offer workforce development programs for people of color looking to gain employment and ownership access in Legal Cannabis.

Calyxeum founders have over 10 years of experience in Michigan’s burgeoning Cannabis industry and are Social Equity entrepreneurs. Within the last year, the team has successfully launched their Cannabis flower products in over 25 retail stores around the State of Michigan with the overwhelming support of the community.

Detroit has recently approved Adult-Use sales and Michigan is the second-largest market in the U.S. and sales are projected to be 7.8 Billion (including Adult Use) by market maturity, invest in Michigan Cannabis. Calyxeum is currently raising 250K to expand its canopy footprint and increase production to meet high demand! You can invest in Calyxeum on Mainvest, a Crowdfunding platform that allows individuals to invest as little as $100 and receive 1.5X ROI!

To become an investor and take advantage of this unique opportunity visit https://mainvest.com/b/calyxeum-detroit. To follow their journey visit Calyxeum.com or follow @Calyxeum_Detroit

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