100,000 Protesters Form “People’s Red Line” Surrounding White House To Demand End Of Gaza Genocide

By Answer Coalition

Photos: X\Facebook

June 9, 2024 , Washington D.C. – 100,000 people converged on Washington, D.C. June 8 to form a 2-mile “people’s red line” completely surrounding the White House to protest the genocide in Gaza and Biden’s central role in the mass murder of Palestinians. Demonstrators assembled a 2-mile long red banner to symbolize the “red line” that Biden promised to enforce against the Israeli invasion of Rafah but then abandoned. 

The action was supported by over 200 organizations, with buses departing from dozens of cities as far away as Iowa, Florida, Indiana and Kentucky. 1,000 people came from Tampa, Florida as a result of an extensive community mobilization. This massive action Initiates a nationwide effort at the local, state, and national level to draw “red lines” around all supporters and apologists of the genocide taking place in Gaza.

“Today was a historic mobilization to challenge the genocidal war criminal who lives in the White House. The same day that we took to the streets, the U.S.-equipped Israeli military carried out one of the worst atrocities yet with the massacre of over 200 Palestinians in the Nuseirat refugee camp. These atrocities only take place because of the immense military and political support Joe Biden provides the Israeli regime. We demand an arms embargo now.” said Miriam Osman of the Palestinian Youth Movement.

The People’s Red Line action led into another powerful and massive activity – the People’s Court of Justice. “Today, we put the war criminals on trial. Palestinian activists read testimony from people in Gaza exposing the horrific crimes committed by Biden, Netanyahu and others who have orchestrated the genocide. In response to an indictment drafted by scholars with expertise in international law, the people returned a resounding verdict – guilty as charged!” said Layan Fuleihan, Education Director of The People’s Forum

“The People’s Red Line was a true demonstration of the power of the people. In every part of the country, people are rising up to stop the genocide that the Biden administration is financing with our tax dollars. Today, we converged on the White House in a massive show of strength. Biden and all the other war criminals in his administration need to take notice: This movement isn’t going anywhere – we will continue to take to the streets until the genocide ends and Palestine is free.” said Brian Becker, National Director of the ANSWER Coalition.

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